Cybersecurity Certifications: An overview of common cybersecurity/infosec certifications.

There are many certifications for infosec and cybersecurity professionals. Getting certified in any of the following will help you enter and excel in this exciting career field.

  1. GIAC Security Expert or GSE: This cybersecurity certification is the most eminent in the industry of information security. You should become GSE certified to boost your chances of scaling high.
  2. GIAC Security Leadership Certification or GSLC – It’s meant for managers and supervisors in the security industry. You may want to get it even before becoming a supervisor. It upgrades your value.
  3. Certified Information Systems Security Professional or CISSP: It’s also a prestigious credential in the information security field. Having this certification differentiates you from those who do not have it.
  4. CompTIA Security+: It’s world-renowned. It’s globally accepted and even considered as the standard in for entry level information security roles.
  5. CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner or CSAP Exam: It’s for IT security experts who have been in the industry for at least five years. Attaining this improves your value in the cybersecurity market.
  6. CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst+ or CSA+: It’s meant to prove you have the skills to operate as a cybersecurity analysts.
  7. Certified Ethical Hacker or CEH: This is for cybersecurity practitioners who want to start thinking like the hacker. It makes you understand the meaning and forms of hacking. This training helps you identify vulnerabilities in cyber systems.
  8. Mile 2 Certified Penetration Testing Engineer and Digital Forensics: This course will teach you all you need to know on forensics and advanced techniques for investigation.

Final Thought.

These certifications are essential for every cybersecurity practitioner who wants to be considered as “the expert” who knows what it takes to prevent, detect, or reverse cyber threats. Having one or many of the above certifications separates you from the crowd!

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