Benefits of a Cybersecurity Career

There are so many benefits of a career in cybersecurity. And for me, it’s the flexibility of my work schedule. However, there are plenty more, so let’s start!

  1. Not all cybersecurity jobs are in-office. Some roles and employers may accept remote working.

You can achieve your goal of working from or at any location that suits your convenience with cybersecurity jobs. Your job may not necessarily be a hindrance to your permanent home of residence or place of vacation. Most cybersecurity jobs buy you freedom, freedom to work from anywhere.

We have arrived in the century when workers can live as digital nomads. Remote workers have the mobile luxury of traveling all over the world at any given time. They don’t have to wait until retirement before they can start enjoying the true benefit of labor; freedom. If you hold freedom of transition very valuable, then you might want to consider cybersecurity as a career.

In the cybersecurity career, the job does not usually determine your whereabouts. It doesn’t always make the decision. It doesn’t always come first when you think of social mobility. Your location may not have consequences. It may not tell you which school your children must attend. You might have to choose the kind of neighborhood you want to have.

It usually gives you a freedom which is your mortal right.

Another perspective of looking at the benefit of remote working is that cybersecurity jobs can be found anywhere you wish to pitch your tent. As far as technology is used in that society, then your skillset is a necessity. Every organization needs cyber experts to secure every technological utility they possess.


  1. Cybersecurity jobs do not always affect your lifestyle

I have seen many people who have sworn not to be bankers because of the extreme corporate work culture. They feel they can never put on ties or tuck in five days a week and nine hours every day. If you are amongst this set of people, then you may want to consider cybersecurity as a career.

Although not every workplace will condone this, some are not too stringent on work culture. A t-shirt on Jean is acceptable in some organizations. Ultimately, it is up to you to look for an organization that best suits you.

  1. Cybersecurity career is available in the public and private sector

This gives you a wide range of options and opportunities. It’s not a linear sector where everything seems to be happening in one area. You might find yourself working in the private or in the public sector. Sometimes, you can even have the luxury of working in both sectors as a cybersecurity expert.

  1. You may decide to be self-employed.

There are some times in life when we feel our ideas can only become realities when we are our own boss, calling the shots. At this point, we may choose not to work for anyone. We want to be at the helm of affairs and start making decisions.

The interesting thing about cybersecurity is that, it is an open field. You can decide to rent your space or build your firm where you offer consultancy services or win contracts to be the cyber manager of an organization.

Once you discover you have the zeal and skill to own a cybersecurity firm, then it’s alright to try the path of entrepreneurship. It may not be quite easy or very cheap to come by, yet it’s possible to achieve your goal of becoming a boss in the cybersecurity career.

  1. There are many specialties in the cybersecurity career.

In every field, those who specialize in a particular field usually earn more than general practitioners. It also drives away the crowd because specialization demands more study and time than the regular areas.

In the cybersecurity career, there are many areas you can specialize in. They include systems architecture, network engineering, consultancy, forensics, penetration testing, cybersecurity analytics, and so many other fields.

Also, the differentiation can be in the technological aspects that liaise with cybersecurity. That is, there are those whose specialty is in Linux, Splunk, Python, digital certificates, and so many more.

The opportunities are just too much. It’s left for you to decide where you stand and become an authority in the field.


  1. Increasing your worth in cybersecurity is very cheap.

Qualitative value enchants employees and clients. It makes them stick with you even if they have to offer so much to have you deliver your excellent service.

In the cybersecurity field, you can easily build value at a very cheap rate.

But the first thing you’ll have to do is to develop the habit of keeping an eye on what’s trending and the changes that are ongoing in the cybersecurity industry. You want to know the latest challenges, the new decisions of policymakers, the latest technology, and everything that’ll keep you at the forefront of the industry.

All of these will help you position yourself in your approach to current tasks.

Also, cybersecurity does not require a college degree. It’s unlike some fields that make it a necessary task for you to go through college or some fields that do not require a college degree.

It’s not compulsory to get a degree before you get a job in cybersecurity, yet there are some certifications in cybersecurity which clients and employees highly esteem.

Therefore, degrees in cybersecurity make you stand out. They give you the voice of authority.

You are probably thinking, “But there are several other experts who already have these certifications. How do I differentiate myself if it’s not special to have a cybersecurity degree?”

There indeed exist so many experts out there but understand that stating your certifications in your resume or profile creates a difference in the eyes of your clients or employees. It makes them want to know more about you. And when you are called upon to prove your certifications, you astonish them with your skillset.

You can easily get yourself a certificate within 90 days. Find one. Get knowledge! Get the certificate! Stand out!

  1. Recruiters are earnestly looking for you.

There are so many cybersecurity experts who can testify of receiving offers from recruiters when they know for sure that they didn’t make any application. The increase in the use of LinkedIn and social media has improved the connections between recruiters and cybersecurity professionals. Organizations are looking for who will solve their bleeding issues. Cost is not their problem. Give them the solution they need, and they will pay as much as you’ll charge.

Your role is to perfect your skillset and position yourself so that recruiters can see you. They need you badly.

There are many cybersecurity professionals out there who are getting unsolicited offers. It’s real, and you can have this experience. Have the skills that are in high demand. Get the necessary certifications. And work your way to the top.

In the next chapter, I will take you on a journey. The journey will gradually reveal to you the practical ways that you can grow to the top of this field from zero.


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